Saturday, 10 March 2012

Another year

I've rather neglected this blog, not nearly as much as the garden has been neglected though. I have rather grand plans for this year.

I've started a pinterest board with my garden ideas for anyone who is interested. Before my grand plans are implemented there is a lot of ground work to do.  We have quite a few trees that need  dead limbs removing, I need to rebuild one fence and completely move the veggie patch from the side of the lawn to the back of the garden.

Then there is my small yard that I have posted about before, it is in need of a lot of TLC.   Lots more cutting back and things to demolish and render.

Between us this year I am not sure we have had a whole week when we have both been well, so time has been spent wrapped up warm and just relaxing. I'll be so glad when we are both back to full strength as sitting about doing nothing does not suit me, it makes me grumpy. Although there are some things I can do myself a lot of the basics are the heavy work which definitely need 2. Especially the trees as I am not convinced of their stability as the neighbour just the other side of the boundary has 2 trees down in his little wooded area that joins ours.

So here is to new beginnings, being healthy and making a garden I can be proud of.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Fresh foot

So, last year really did not go as planned. I barely scratched the surface of what needed to be done. I think after all the dreadful weather and my plants all being eaten by slugs or uprooted by foxes, I kind of got disheartened.

New year and new season now, so no more dilly dallying, some things will have to wait until we can afford to do them, but there are many things that I can do for little or no cost. Even today I spotted an old battered pair of wellies in the porch and thought they could make a great planter for something.

I still want my Moroccan theme for the small yard, I still want a new kitchen, but first things first, new roof then new windows/doors, replastering, porch, new maybe by 2020 we will be done :D

There are so many things I can do, I can build a fence, I can dig, I can fill holes and repaint the spare room. I can finish the painting in other rooms. I can rehem curtains, I can change the electric socket on the oven (ok so maybe a little help from the Mr on that one) But I can make a splashback panel for the cooker, I can reupholster chairs..there are many things I can do, I need to start doing those and put the big jobs I can not do to the back of my head as there is no point fretting about all the things that are not going to happen any time soon.

This is the year for getting things done.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

I've not written here for a while, mostly as aside from a little hedge cutting and mowing, the garden has not really had any tlc.

I have come to the decision though, that I do not have time to maintain a large veggie plot and keep up with my ever growing list of other hobbies. So this winter the veggie bed will be filled in and turned back to grass.

I am going to keep up my veg growing. I plan to do it in tubs though, much less work for me and It gives me more of a chance to start creating the garden I have always dreamed of. I want a very natural garden, one that will team with bees, butterflies and birds. I can see me having a pond, reinstating the well, having 'secret' areas, huge cottagey style beds full of wild flowers. A good area to sit, barbeque and entertain and decent solar lighting. Plus either a fire pit or a Chimera and a proper brick built pizza oven.

I have so many plans, many ambitious, but I love my garden and wish it was prettier. I accept that it is going to take a lot of work, but most of it is graft, none of my projects will cost much in monetary terms.

The house on the other hand is going to need a fair bit of money thrown at it. With a new roof, windows, doors, new back porch, new kitchen and structural changes to the garage all needed. We will get there in the end. I can see us being here another 5 - 10 years and then buying a little detached bungalow in the middle of nowhere to be are old age home :D

I have several small projects lined up for both house and garden. As they this space for updates as I get my projects underway.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Out and about

Yesterday we went for a walk to the village and had a stroll around the art gallery and their lovely rustic sculpture garden. I loved the feel of it, aside from a hen squawking somewhere near by it was peaceful.

Monday, 30 May 2011


Here it is in all its unfinished, messy glory. The before shots.

This is the area just outside the back door where our recycling buckets are kept. I plan to clean and repair the brickwork, render it and paint it. I will also get some hanging baskets to go on the porch.

The rosemary and mint will be moved to another bed (off to the left of the coal bunker and not in shot. Where the rosemary was I plan to make a tiny pond. On the boundary with the other neighbour I plan to plant bamboo.

What you can just about make out under all that greenery is that there is a coal bunker there. This is going to be dismantled to make room for table and chairs. The fence will be repainted and lighting will go in.

This is the garden proper. As you can see, this also needs a lot of work. My plans for this are all just pipe dreams for now, a secret garden, chickens, beautiful wild flowers, a pizza oven, a series of small ponds, fruit cage, green house and poly tunnel are all on my list of loves.

Friday, 27 May 2011

How does my garden grow?

I was day dreaming the other day, staring at a photograph on my wall which was taken in The Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech, Morocco. I had such a warm and peaceful glow as I thought back to that little oasis of calm in the bustling, dusty dry heat of the city. At that moment, I glanced out at my tiny back yard and had an urge to transform it into a similar space. It is going to take a lot of work and some serious research, but I think it is doable.

I think the first thing I need to do is strip it right back. Get rid of the old plants - actually mostly weeds, throw away all the junk, repaint the fence (which luckily is already the perfect shade of blue) and maybe take down the coal shed. I also need to wash down and repaint our lean-to porch, fix the gate and start to look for what tropical type plants will survive here.

I have a lot of research to do, planting plans, work plans, costing and choosing tiles/paving.

On top of having this little yard, we also have a larger garden (1/3 acre) which is not attached to the house, a weird set up, but common around here. This is also in need of a lot of tlc, we keep the grass trimmed and the veg patch tidy, but the rest is a sprawling overgrown mess of wild plum, brambles, weeds, junk and piles of branches cut from trees.

This blog is going to be about the inside of my house too, so not just to share greenfingered tips or for me to ask for advice.

I think what I will do to start is post an entry for each area I want to improve and then detailed plans of what needs to be done. Hopefully with lots of pictures before and after I manage to get it done.